Podcast of Nate Bolt's rap on Remote UX Research

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We had some amazing sushi and a captivating remote UX research discussion with Nate Bolt of Bolt and Peters. Nate shared a number of great takeaways about how to conduct and run user research studies.

Nate Bolt's Soapbox Summary and Podcast

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Anthony (ZURB) says

Loved the talk! In particular, the VW example was pretty fascinating.

Dave (ZURB) says

Nate did a great job of really breaking down the problems, and one of the issues I thought was the most interesting was the actual process of the research. It could be a room full of key stakeholders, a moderator and several other staff members all watching a single study remotely.


Bryan (ZURB) says

Nate- so glad that you could come to ZURB and share your wisdom! I'm looking forward to meeting you personally.

Jacob Creech (ZURB) says

Great post. Always love to hear Nate Bolt - always very interesting to listen to.

Really glad to see IntuitionHQ featured there as well!

Thanks for sharing guys.