Never a Dull Sketch: Announcing Sharpiener, from ZURB

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We've all been there - you've got a great idea for a client and you want to quickly get it down on paper. But what's this? Your sharpie is dull. What client will respect you and your incredible ideas with a dull sharpie?

See what a dull sharpie does? I mean come on, 'buton'?

Introducing Sharpiener

Don't send a client a dull sketch again: instead, send your dull sharpies to ZURB through out new mail-order service, and we'll send back pristine, sharpened sharpies that you can really impress with.

Now there's a sketch that'll get all the ladies.

How do we do it?

At ZURB we're as committed to helping people design as we are to insuring we still have a world to design for, that's why Sharpiener is not only fast but completely green.

While other services might use smoke-belching, electricity-consuming machines to sharpen your sharpies we use completely carbon-neutral interns, with x-acto knives. And don't worry - we also believe in sustainable farming and food consumption, which is why our interns get one organic egg a day.

Once your sharpies have reached our exacting standards of sharposity and awesomeness we mail them back to you; it's that simple.

A simple, sustainable equation.

Well, how do I sign up?

We'll be starting with a select group of dull-sharpie'd designers this week, so head on over to the Sharpiener signup page and get into the private release. Don't worry: as demand increases, we'll simply hire more interns. They're everywhere.

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Tom Jones (ZURB) says

Cool, this is going to be an awesome service! I've got dozens of flat Sharpies lying around that would be perfect for this. I'm going to sign up today—what's the expected turn around time on them?

Also, my son's a complete slacker and a failure at school. Do you need anymore interns? If so, please email me!

Jonathan (ZURB) says

@Tom Love your music! We're going for a one week turnaround, dependent on wind speed, rainfall and harpy conditions. As for your son, is he comfortable working in a dark server room without respite for weeks? He may be just what we need!

Vilen Rodeski (ZURB) says

Wow, what a wonderful service. I can't believe I could have lived without sharpie sharpeners. Interns rule! ;)

Mitch Hedburg (ZURB) says

wow man. I mean I could totally use one of these, but I was thinking about selling my dull sharpies as dullies. I figure that artistic people could just call it artistic expression. And when your boss asks why you haven't finished the really-important sharpie project, you could say your sharpie isn't sharp anymore. yea.

flynn (ZURB) says


Jehovah (ZURB) says

Let there be Sharpies

Cathy Mason (ZURB) says

This is pretty funny!