Alex Faaborg's Soapbox: How was Firefox designed? What's next for Firefox?

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The ZURBsoapbox with Alex Faaborg of Mozilla was absolutely hopping! Alex started off sharing how design works in a large open source community as well as the challenges which Mozilla has faced as a company. He went on to talk about the future of Firefox as he showed us mockups of FF3.5, FF4 and FF5.

Alex Faaborg's Soapbox Summary and Podcast

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kat neville (ZURB) says

Sounds like it was a great talk! It's interesting to hear about their overall vision but also their decision making on the little details, like the looks of the buttons. I'm looking forward to firefox4, and hope they will fix the power draining properly. It'll be an interesting few years for firefox, I'm sure, with chrome advertising so aggressively.

Bryan (ZURB) says

Luke W, one of ZURB's first soapbox speakers, took notes on the event as well:

Great talk Alex. Thanks for joining us.

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