ZURBsoapbox: Principal Designer Behind Firefox Joins Us Feb 26th

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This coming Friday you will have an opportunity to meet and learn from Alex Faaborg the principal designer behind Firefox! We'll have a catered lunch and some hang out time with the man after which we'll jump into the discussion. How cool is that? What more can you ask for?

Photo courtesy of Mozilla

Every day Firefox is used by 120 million people as their window into the Web. The browser has a 25% market share, is the second most popular browser worldwide after Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and is the most used web browser independent of any one operating system.

What makes Firefox so remarkable is not its success but the way a distributed global community of contributors have organized to effectively compete with corporations like Microsoft, Apple and Google.

Ever wanted a chance to meet the principal designer behind your favorite browser?

Alex will share with us:

  • The design philosophy at Mozilla
  • The unique process of coordinating user experience design in
    an open source environment
  • The future of Firefox's user interface
Alex Faaborg focuses on the visual and interactive design of Firefox. He also contributes to Mozilla Labs, which explores the next stage in the evolution of the Web and its long term future. He has extensive experience in artificial intelligence, user interface design, and cognitive science and is a graduate of the MIT Media Laboratory.

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55 N. 3rd Street, Suite 100a
Campbell, CA 95008

Friday, February 26th, 2010
from 12:00-1:00pm PST

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Dave (ZURB) says

That's awesome! I'd actually be really interested in knowing where the browser is going next. It continues to get faster, and Firefox add-ons are killer, but what's next for the Firefox? I know HTML5 and CSS3 are on the way, but any other surprises?

Jonathan (ZURB) says

I'd love to hear his thoughts on the other major competitors in their space, especially in terms of the application design and interactions. What does he think of Safari's Top Sites, or Chrome's tabs implementation?

Would also be curious to hear his thoughts on HTML5 elements like video - whether Firefox will provide browser controls and if he'll design them, or if the video element (and audio I suppose) will rely on the OS or page-specific styles for controls.

Marshall Rake (ZURB) says

There was a lot of commotion about the back button on Firefox 2.0. Before you launched that did you feel like their was a possibility that people would take issue with it? Or were you surprised by the feedback?

Jeremy (ZURB) says

Here's a cool article Alex put together a little while back discussing the design process they went through on part of the Firefox app. His thoughts on iconic design and cross-platform design were compelling: http://awe.sm/51qME

Can't wait to meet him and learn more about the challenges he and his team face and how they see user behavior changing as interaction on the web matures. (A good example of this is the change in behavior around use of the back button now that tabs are so common: http://bit.ly/8D99ti)

Dan (ZURB) says

Can we get this streamed online for those of us who don't live in Cali? Just a thought.

Dmitry (ZURB) says

Dan- Thanks for the excitement! We'll be putting out a summary blog post and a podcast just like we do for all of other ZURBsoapboxes. You'll be able to download the podcast from iTunes or listen to it on our blog.

Bryan (ZURB) says

I'm looking forward to listening to your story Alex. I'm interested to understand how Firefox continues to live up to high expectations after a successful product introduction.

Dan, here is the link to the previous ZURBsoapbox podcasts: http://www.zurbsoapbox.com

champagne bottle candle (ZURB) says

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hedge fund (ZURB) says

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