ZURBSoapbox: Richard White, Founder and CEO of UserVoice, Joins Us on Dec 4th

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55 N. 3rd Street, Suite 100a
Campbell, CA 95008

Friday, December 4th, 2009
from 12:00-1:30pm PST

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Photo courtesy of UserVoice

Our next ZURBsoapbox, featuring Richard White of UserVoice, is this Friday at 12pm at ZURB HQ. Lunch will be provided and space is limited so please make sure to RSVP via email to make sure we can accommodate everyone.

Richard White is a founder and CEO of UserVoice. He is driven by a passion for building simple tools that improve productivity and make peoples lives easier. UserVoice does just that.

UserVoice is the feature suggestion box that actually works. It helps companies empower their customers to come together and vote up the best ideas for improving the product.

Along the way, those customers begin to feel a sense of ownership in the product and will go out of their way to make sure it succeeds.

On the back of widget distribution (those feedback tabs you might see popping up all over the web) UserVoice has grown monthly uniques from 100,000 to 6,000,000 and now helps over 25,000 organizations turn customers into sources of innovation and evangelism.

Earlier this year the UserVoice team turned that traction into $800,000 from top angel investors in one of the toughest venture markets in recent history. Ever wonder how it was done? Come to the ZURBsoapbox to find out.

This Friday, Richard will join us at ZURB HQ to share his insights on:

  • A framework for quickly testing business ideas and failing fast
  • The power of widgets to drive brand awareness
  • How to turn your customers into your best distribution channel
  • Why sometimes it's helpful to make features harder to use
  • How "connect and close" can be a better fundraising strategy than "divide and conquer"

We'll be there with food and drinks for those in attendance. Email us to RSVP and we'll see you there!

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