John Marshall's Soapbox: Van Halen, Marriage and Crucial Mistakes

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We had a rockin' discussion with John Marshall last Friday at ZURBsoapbox. John discussed mistakes he's made, as well as guidelines for success of product- vs. service-based companies. You can listen to the entire podcast below and read some great highlights from the event.

John Marshall's Soapbox Summary and Podcast

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Transforming the Lives of Adults With Disabilities Through 24 Hours of Design
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#ZURBWired 2016: We Are Live!
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Kevin Holesh (ZURB) says

"You’ve got to have a spouse or a partner who understands your goals and visions."

Couldn't agree more, but I would go one step further. I think it's important to have someone at home who encourages you and helps you up when business gets tough. Someone you can bounce ideas off of and tell you "yes, that idea for a blanket with sleeves is tacky, but it just might sell."

Dmitry (ZURB) says

Totally agree with you Kevin! I've seen many of my friends marry just for this reason alone. :) Enjoy the podcast!

jeff (ZURB) says

great post - but it's "lose" not "loose" - one is like "biggest loser", the other is "your necktie is loose". i'm a stickler for words ;-)

Dmitry (ZURB) says

Thanks Jeff! Fixed. :) Appreciate the tip. Keep in touch!

Aleks Bochniak (ZURB) says

I used clicktracks at a previous place of employment, and I'm quite surprised it sold for $10,000,000. I hope MarketMotive will be a much better product.

Good luck Lyris. Google has kind of shat all over that market.

Dmitry (ZURB) says

Thank you for the comment Aleks! If you're interested in ZURBsoapbox events let me know I'll put you on our event email reminder list. You can check out our latest ZURBsoapbox recap and podcast of Rich White founder of UserVoice here: