Dave Sifry's Soapbox: Lessons Learned from Technorati to OffBeat Guides

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We had an amazing event last Friday with a great turnout, delicious food, and an animated discussion with Dave Sifry. Dave spoke at ZURBsoapbox about the lessons he learned from founding Technorati and starting OffBeat Guides. He shared some truly great points about building great products and growing start-ups.

Dave Sifry's Soapbox Summary and Podcast

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Mark (ZURB) says

I think the best part of the talk was the more interactive nature this one took compared to previous Soapboxes. The topics were great and wide in variety, making it even more engaging. I especially enjoyed the one-liners about data and measuring virility.

Looking forward to the next one!

Jonathan (ZURB) says

He had some great things to say about hiring and finding talent. We've done really well so far at ZURB in finding some kick-ass talent, but his insights could definitely help refine our own process.