Luke Wroblewski's Soapbox: How to Make Excellent Products

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LukeW talking about what makes for excellent products in his ZURBsoapboxLukeW getting set up to talk about what makes for excellent products in his ZURBsoapbox

We had a great time at the last soapbox event listening to the Chief Architect at Yahoo Luke Wroblewski. We took a number of lessons away about how to better focus on product excellence. He had some great points covering everyone from YouTube to Apple.

Luke Wroblewski's Soapbox Summary and Podcast

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Mark (ZURB) says

What's really awesome about his soapbox is that he reused a preeso he gave two years ago—and everything still holds true! From the passion down to the feature wars, it was a great talk. Loaded full of "Aha!" and "Holy crap!" moments.

The story of Kun-Hee Lee also reminds me of how designers typically look at their work, obsessing over every last detail until the whole thing just feels absolutely right. Commit to doing something not just well, but damned awesome, and you're almost always guaranteed success.

Looking forward to the next one!

Jonathan (ZURB) says

Just talking to a client yesterday I brought up LukeW's feature war vs. experience wars point - such a cool insight.

Jeff (ZURB) says

Luke gives a great presentation. Really enjoyed what he had to say, and plan to use it where I work. Thanks for posting.

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