Introducing Slinky: Slinging Responsive Emails From the Cloud

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Foundation for Emails 2 modernized email design by taking some of the best practices of modern web development and bringing them to email. For web developers, it was a godsend, they could finally use the tools and workflows they were used to. But for many others, seeing things like Npm and Gulp is intimidating and doesn't help make email development any easier to tackle. We think everyone can and should be able to create responsive HTML emails, even if they don't have a strong web background. That's why we've built Slinky, a new way to build emails right in your browser.

Slinky makes it easy to code up a custom responsive email using just your web browser and our lightning-fast Inky Templating language. With CodePen's slick interface, all you have to do is write up your markup in either Inky or vanilla HTML and then inline. This code takes the Inky language and makes it into one slick HTML file you can import into any email service! No terminal commands, nothing to install, and no uploading. You'll be slinging beautiful, responsive, HTML emails in the cloud in no time.

Chris Coyier of CodePen and wrote a fantastic breakdown of how Slinky works and how it can be used with major ESP's like Mailchimp or API's like MailGun.

Using the power of Foundation for Emails 2 and the Inky templating language, Slinky makes it easy to dive into the world of HTML email development. Check it out on the Playground page and sling some responsive emails!

Check out Slinky!

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