Every Day Is A Great Hair Day for Our New Video Producer

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Our newest and youngest ZURBian is a bit of a walking contradiction. He's a tech nerd, but he's also an accomplished athlete. He spends the majority of his money on hair care products, but can definitely solve a Rubik's cube faster than you. You never quite know what other interest, passion or talent Nick will reveal, and that's one of the reasons why we're so happy to have him on our team. WIthout further ado, meet...

Nick Magee, Video Producer

Nick is a true Bay Area native, having been born and raised in the East Bay city of Newark, CA. A natural athlete, he excelled at many sports growing up but eventually fell in love with baseball. It was in between baseball practices and games that we first met Nick. His girlfriend Nathalie has been on the ZURB team for a while, and we got to know Nick during lunches and after work activities.

In addition to sports, Nick is obsessed with tech (he's a Computer Science major), video production and photography. His talent behind the camera really caught our eye, and when our video producer position opened up, we encouraged him to apply. But just because we knew him didn't mean we were easy on him. His first assignment was shooting and editing several videos here at the office which of course he totally crushed.

My girlfriend, Nathalie, works at ZURB and that's how I got to know everybody there. I have been extremely blessed to have the opportunity to become a ZURBian myself.

Nick's role at ZURB now involves him helping us telling our story through shooting and editing videos on a weekly basis. He's already played a huge role in helping us learn more about the medium and find our visual voice. We're excited to see just where he'll take us through his video storytelling!

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