Imagination Run Wild: Meet Our Newest Designer

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Designers are constantly expected to have new and fresh ideas, and the risk of running dry is very real. A natural curiosity helps, as does a focused attention on finding new sources of inspiration. Fortunately for us, our new designer is filled to the brim with creativity, having a background in graphic design, video, and even animation! Without further ado, meet...

Christine Siu, Designer

Christine was born and raised in the Portola district of foggy San Francisco. She's always had a vivid imagination, but we think it was strengthened by her steady diet of Chinese-dubbed Studio Ghibli films, Japanese cartoons and epic period dramas. As she got a little older, video games entered the mix, and all these passions eventually landed her on some graphic design resource websites. It was here that she discovered design.

She got her hands on a copy of Photoshop CS2 and began experimenting with graphics, working to recreate the amazing visuals that captured her imagination. After highschool, she left San Francisco for Sacramento to attend college at UC Davis. Her first design class was a GE requirement, a web design seminar, but it solidified design as her future. Working with HTML and CSS, she learned how to build a personal website. Working through every detail, bugs and all, left her feeling a sense of accomplishment that she knew she wanted more of. Christine graduated UC Davis with a BA in Visual Design in 2014.

Christine learned about ZURB through another UC Davis alum and ZURBian, Mandi. She was inspired by our culture of learning and exploration and fell in love with our team.

I was really drawn to ZURB because of their values, especially their 'Fail Fast' mentality. I was looking for a place to learn and grow, and ZURB is the best place to be for that.

In her free time, Christine enjoys portrait art, video games (Nintendo 3DS), Supernatural (the TV show!), trying new foods, and rewatching the Studio Ghibli classics that inspired her as a kid. As our newest designer, we're pushing Christine into the deep end and straight into code. We're thrilled to help Christine grow as a designer and eager to see the ways she'll help our expand our skills and take on new challenges!

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