Empowering Nonprofits with Design

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Video explaining ZURB Wired

After nearly two decades, we've seen firsthand how Progressive Design has the power to transform entire organizations, and nowhere else is this transformation more startling than during Wired. ZURB Wired is our annual event where we give back to our community and dedicated 24 straight hours of our time and resources to help one special nonprofit achieve their goals. Our office becomes a command center, with our team and volunteers working straight through the night to create a new responsive website, print material, content, videos, shirts and more.

The work that our team creates in just 24 hours is so impactful that many of the organizations we've worked with are still benefitting from it months and even years later. But our goal isn't to create design artifacts, we want ZURB Wired to be a catalyst for lasting, positive change. By working directly with our team, each nonprofit learns our Progressive Design methods, strategies and processes which can help them continue to improve and grow their organization through design.We're extremely proud of the work we've accomplished so far, and we're ready to roll up our sleeves and do it again this year!

Highlights from Last Year: Downtown Streets Team

Last year, we selected Downtown Streets Team, an incredible nonprofit that's on a mission to end homelessness through the dignity of work. It was a coffee-fueled 24 hour frenzy to create an entire marketing push for their campaign to clean up our streets, educate our community about the causes of homelessness, and place those in need with jobs and housing. We even posted the entire project online to get live feedback from the thousands of people following along in real time.

Working with their team, we came up a message that all of our content and design revolved around, 'See. Change. Fight.' It was an aggressive approach with provocative language and a strong call to action to get involved to combat the causes of homelessness in the community. With a clear direction, we created a redesigned website, print collateral, digital assets, a video and marketing content.

Downtown Streets Team Regional Director Chris Richardson had this to say after ZURB Wired 2015 wrapped up:

'Everyone had the best things to say about the whole experience. I am so proud of the work we created between the ZURBians and Downtown Streets Team and am excited to put it to good use. Their expertise in design and the many different technologies required to give us a complete facelift, not to mention their dedication, made the 24 hours a huge success. Most of all, they were a blast to work with and our staff had some great bonding time.'

Become This Year's Nonprofit

Do you have an inspiring cause and a passionate team? If so, you may be the nonprofit we're looking for! We are now accepting applications for this year's Wired. The deadline is July 15, 2016. We have two requirements:

  • Your nonprofit must be a registered and IRS compliant 501(c)(3)
  • Your nonprofit must focus on providing services to the Bay Area community

In addition these requirements, we'll need you to submit a proposal. Here's what your proposal needs to include:

  • Inspire us with your organization's mission.
  • Name three teamwork tactics that will make your organization a perfect fit for ZURB Wired.
  • Describe a clear goal that your entire organization wants to accomplish.
  • Say which team members will commit to participating all day and night.
  • Name one or two people from the team who are capable of making executive decisions on the organization's behalf. There's no time to consult with the board at two in the morning!

We'll review submissions over the next couple of weeks to pick one nonprofit. We can't wait to mobilize our team and put our experience to work for positive cause. Apply today!

Submit Your Nonprofit's Proposal!

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