Curious, Creative and Vegan. Introducing Our Newest ZURBian

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If there's one quality that is shared amongst all ZURBians, it's curiosity. Curiosity is related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, learning and is the fuel for innovation. It's something we look for it in others and do our best to nurture within our team. Our newest ZURBian brims with a curiosity about the world around him and is endlessly exploring. Needless to say, we liked him immediately. Without further ado, meet ...

John Cheng

John Cheng, Designer

John was born in Hong Kong, but grew up in the San Francisco bay area. Curious by nature, he once took his bike apart to explore the way it worked but wasn't able to put it back together. Fortunately, his parents didn't mind, and always encouraged him to learn, investigate and experiment. That thirst for knowledge, combined with a passion for people are two things that have driven John throughout his life.

In high school, a photography class was the basis of his creative foundation. His teachers encouraged him to go to art school, but John spent his years exploring all kinds of things including astronomy and mathematics. He also continued learning about people, spending a few months in Mongolia to learn about their culture and customs. John went on to graduate from UC Davis with a degree in Sociology and Communications, but design remained the focus of his career.

In addition to creating leadership programs for college students at a nonprofit, John joined a design accelerator. There he spent time doing work for clients but also innovating on their design curriculum and mentoring new designers.

Jenn, one of our designers, first introduced John to ZURB.

I fell in love with the energy, the diverse client work, and the amazing internal projects!

In his free time, John enjoys learning about gospel and jazz piano, modern art museums, architecture, and finding awesome food spots on Yelp (vegan only!).

John brings a lot to our team and really understands what it means to 'Design for People.' One of John's first assignments will be to help us expand and communicate our Progressive Design system with the world. With his stellar design talent and keen understanding of people, we think he's the perfect man for the job!

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