Meet ZURBA: A New Video Game System for the 20th Century

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The worlds of video games and design share many common elements and have influenced each other for decades. We here at ZURB are on a quest to change the way people design, and what better way to get people interacting with our work than the medium of electronic games!

With our deep knowledge of design and cursory knowledge of videogame hardware, developing our own console was a no brainer. We're proud to announce the future of video gaming, ZURBA!


  • A once cutting edge 8 bit graphics processor for eye popping visuals and zoetrope quality animations!
  • An adrenaline pumping mono MIDI synthesizer audio engine capable of 4 note polyphony!
  • A high latency, near ergonomic, single button wired joystick controller!
  • A diverse lineup of launch titles including the puzzler 'Wobbly Woos,' the 'Yeti's Islet Jr.' platformer, the 'Legend of ZURBA' RPG adventure and the genre bending 'Car and G.U.N.' Each launch title features the beloved Notaballs characters from your favorite design platform, Notable!

Check out these lukewarm reviews!

The critics we spoke to did not want their names included in this article

Video games have taken one step forward and about three steps backward with ZURBA
ZURBA is the console I would have dreamed about if no other consoles had come out in the last twenty five years.
You control the car game with a gun controller?

ZURBA hits store shelves this summer (price TBD), but check out the link below to see the teaser commercial:

Check it out!

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