Test Facebook's New Reactions with Notable

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Facebook just unveiled a new way for their users to interact with content, Reactions. Users of the site now can express their thoughts and feelings on content through 6 emojis, love laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger. This presents a huge opportunity to companies placing content on Facebook, but also presents huge risk. With public sentiment from 1.4 billion people now front and center, how do you test how people feel about your content?

Social Test for Facebook

We're excited to announce we've expanded Notable's powerful selection of testing features with a brand new option for seeing how your content will perform on Social Media networks. Product and Marketing teams will find this app extremely powerful for testing how a product feature or content piece will be received by their audience. We call it the Social Test for Facebook.

Notable Social Test for Facebook

Take a sample test and see how it works.

Purchase Test Results

Using our worldwide pool of diverse testers through Enroll or your own users, you're now able to test and get an accurate reflection of how your content will be received using the same style of 6 emoji reactions. Optimize your content to get the best results before posting live, and set your content up for success!

This powerful new testing option is available in Notable, our design collaboration platform. Request access to our private release today and start optimizing your content.

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