Building a Better Mobile Tomorrow: Announcing Our New Sponsor

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Today, we came across this tweet from a ZURB fan that made us smile:

We don't like to toot our horn too much, but it's nice to see when others recognize what we do day in and day out is all working toward building a better tomorrow. We do that through our services, our responsive framework Foundation or the training on the Expo. We want to educate and help others to use Design, with a capital "D", to make that world a reality. And as gratifying it is to read tweets like this one, it's also wonderful to see others striving to do the same thing. Which is why we're happy to announce that the awesome folks over at Moovweb are sponsoring our educational and training content.

Remix the Web

Moovweb, a software platform that transforms desktop sites for mobile, also realizes that mobile is a thing and that it isn't going away. They take sites that don't work for mobile and make them work. You could say they're remixing the web. It's how they're building that better mobile tomorrow. One of the other ways they do that is through their mobile hackathon with $5,000 in prizes.

This month, they're asking other savvy designers and engineers to redesign Github to be mobile-friendly. They've even set up a virtual office hours to help folks should they need a little help. There's even a template to help you get started. They're knee-deep into their hackthon now, but it's not too late to join.

Join Moovweb's Remix Hackathon

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