Mobile Has to Be Part of Everything We Do

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Around ZURB HQ, we have many discussions about mobile and how it fits within our thinking. Today, Bryan highlighted a conversation he had centered around ensuring that a button was visible (read: usable) on mobile devices. But what excited Bryan wasn't the button (though he gets excited about those details). No, what got him stoked was the notion that we were thinking with the mobile user in mind, thinking about it before all else.

With more and more people pulling out their phones to do things like shopping, as we wrote about on Monday and yesterday, mobile is fast replacing desktop as our go to web device. Of course, our friend and advisor LukeW has been advocating a mobile-first approach for sometime now. And, at ZURB, we're huge proponents for multi-device design, but we've worked in the past from the desktop view down to a mobile one.

Now desktop isn't going away and it'll always play a part in what we do. Yet we've been making the move over the last couple of years to further consider mobile as a crucial component in our work. We're even making Foundation, our responsive framework, more mobile-first friendly. Because even if we're designing something as simple as a button, mobile has to be part of everything we do.

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