Get Those Responsive Designs On Paper: Introducing Responsive Sketchsheets

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We're always looking to blaze new trails here at ZURB, by constantly working to innovate new and better ways to design awesome products. That being said, we realized we needed a way to represent how responsive sites will scale down (or up, for you mobile-firsters) early on in projects.

Working with Foundation is great because it's easy to predict how site elements will respond to changes in screen size. But to the yet-to-be-Yetified or those not using frameworks, it will help to represent and work through those interactions early on before you dive into the code.

Problem, meet solution!

This is why we're super excited to release our responsive sketchsheets! This is a set of sketchsheets that can be used in different scenarios. You can start working through responsive layouts before you begin coding, and you can even represent off-canvas, and mobile-first layouts.

Go get 'em!

We put together a Playground page with usage examples, detailed information and links to download the sheets. Go forth and design!

Get the sketchsheets!

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