Things To Come For Foundation

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The Yeti has been hard at work lately. We've recently released Foundation 3.1, with HTML templates and other goodies, such as right-to-left language support. But the work hasn't stopped. Deep in the tundra, the Yeti is toiling away on further improvements to Foundation

If you missed it last Thursday, we actually gave a bit of a sneak preview of the things to come at our second Foundation meetup. But not to fear, we thought we'd share it here as well to give everyone a rundown of what we're currently working on for Foundation 3.2, which will be released next month.


First up is Clearing, a Foundation 3.2 plugin that builds on the modal experience of our plugin Reveal and our image slider Orbit. It will allow you to create a super functional lightbox that looks pretty slick.

Of course, like everything we do at ZURB, Clearing will be completely responsive, working on multiple devices.

But Wait ... There's More!

We're not abandoning Reveal or Orbit just yet. Both are getting some new spit and polish. Reveal 2 will be even easier to use, have more options, easier to style and have keyboard control. Orbit 2 will feature better responsive styles, touch/swipe controls, device-type options and embed videos.

And here's some other goodies to look forward to:

  • New, more abstract JS implementation
  • Easier to include/omit plugins
  • Responsive Joyride
  • Scrollmap

This is just a taste of what's to come. We're told by the Yeti that there will be more fixes, polish and new CSS, as much as we can pack into Foundation 3.2. The future is bright for Foundation and we'll continue plugging away to ensure that it remans the most modern responsive framework in the world.

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