We've Acquired Pattern Tap!

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We're excited to share the big news with you today! We've acquired Pattern Tap, a place where designers can find inspiration and study patterns of user interaction. It's an amazing resource and we're especially excited about the potential it brings to further our mission of increasing design literacy. Not to mention, it's a great resource just to keep up with the freshest ideas in the design world.

Pattern Tap was originally created by Matthew Smith, currently the Creative Director at Zaarly.

So what exactly will happen to Pattern Tap? It will remain its own entity, and we'll be integrating it as an important part of our ZURBexpo, the content portion of our site. The Expo, which currently consists of ZURBlog, ZURBplayground, ZURBword and ZURBnews, will now have a fifth property that will be another resource for designers to study what works well on the web and why. It's a great fit.

Matthew will carry on at Zaarly but will remain an active contributor to the Pattern Tap site. He's excited about remaining active and seeing where his creation can go:

As someone involved in many aspects of the digital industry, I love to see it flourish. It's a great opportunity to see an app I started take a new journey.

As it currently stands, Pattern Tap is a resource driven by design-focused crowdsourced content. In the near future, we plan on adding additional features that'll help designers design faster and better. Stay tuned for important updates!

While you check it out, make sure to follow @PatternTap on Twitter to stay in the loop.

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