Apps Won't Outlast the Responsive Web

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We know that's a pretty bold statement, but we're taking about native mobile apps here. Think about it, there will be a day when native apps as we know it will be gone. Apps will go away, just not this second. What will prevail is the web, which is the commonest dominator among all the different devices we use. Wait, scratch that, it's not the web that will prevail. It'll be the responsive web.

Don't get us wrong, we love apps. A lot of us have tons of apps on our smartphones, but the responsive web is going to win this particular contest, especially as more and more people access the web through their mobile devices. Very soon mobile web traffic will overtake desktop traffic (it's closer than you think).

Jonathan made the case for why the responsive web will win out and what that means for native apps at a recent Airbnb talk. If you didn't make it, not to worry, you can watch the entire talk in the video below. Enjoy!

If you missed this talk and other previous talks, not to worry, you can catch up or see where we'll be speaking next here.

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