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Rafi Benkual

This guy likes everything

You can blame Rafi's great passion for cutting-edge technology on his dad, a hardware engineer. Rafi was born in Israel but spent much of his life growing up in Silicon Valley. His love for technology really blossomed in high school and he never looked back!

Before joining ZURB as a Customer Advocate, Rafi managed people, stores and small organizations. You can say that Rafi has been helping customers for a long while now. In fact, he's quite passionate about it. And he's happy he's found a place at ZURB, which shares his passion for customer advocacy.

Rafi keeps himself occupied outside of work. He claims he's never bored. That's because he's always active. He plays soccer. When he's not kicking goals, he mountain bikes and rock climbs with his fellow ZURBians. His favorite movies are anything to do with science fiction or espionage. And he's quite a handy fella, building computers, portable speakers and furniture.

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