Design for People

We’re in it for the long haul. That’s no joke — our forefather companies in industrial product design are still going strong after more than 80 years in business! From our humble beginnings in 1998, we’ve established ourselves as the world’s best product design company. We look forward to building on that into the far future!

We see an amazing opportunity in front of us. We were first to introduce a responsive framework to the world. We look forward to driving many more innovations of tomorrow and beyond!

A brief timeline

A quick look at how ZURB has grown through the decades.


  • Bryan started ZB Design to help people figure out their design problems. His first project didn‘t go so well. He rallied to overcome that first disappointment and crush his next project.


  • Bryan realigned our name around helping people use design to grow their businesses. After going through 50 four-letter domains, he chose ZURB for its energy, and also because it accurately described Bryan’s hair.


  • Bryan devoted himself full-time to the business and hunkered down in his apartment with a cupboard full of Cup Noodles. Our first startup client,, still exists today.


  • Bryan set up a photography site, ZURBphotos. Many people asked to use his images. This lead to creating another business at ZURB, and cemented our commitment to taking risks.


  • TransactTools engaged ZURB to help build a better web presence. All of their web apps were eventually purchased by the NYSE.


  • June
    We helped more startups with interface design. Our client Protego Network was eventually purchased for $65M.


  • We set up our first 600 sq. foot office in Los Gotos, and began filling it with new employees. Our first 600 sq. ft.Our first network included a shared account to Earthlink and a floppy disk.


  • We moved to a 1500 sq. ft. office in Campbell and later took over the office next door to double our working space.


  • We began to build an online photo service, LuckyOliver. The service ran for two years and drew millions of people. We also held our first 24-hour ZURBwired event with Second Harvest Food Bank.


  • We helped our 100th startup!



  • We launched Bounce and Clue. We also discovered the tasty wonders of Taco Bravo.
  • April
    We held our third ZURBwired with Raft.
  • November
    We launched our second platform app, Verify, the fastest way to collect and analyze user feedback.


  • The ZURB team grew to 14 people and expanded beyond consulting. We launched four more free apps and released our open-source framework, Foundation


  • At this point, ZURB had helped more than 200 startups. ZURBapps launched, representing over three years of development and 11 apps.
  • We also refined our Design Process and started our training program.


  • ZURB celebrates its 15th year in business!
  • February
    We moved into a state-of-the-art space that’s three times larger than our former office.
    Foundation 4 is released as the most advanced front-end framework in the world… until F5 launched later that year.
  • April
    Expo became ZURB University, and we held more than 40 live classes over the next year.
  • November
    Ink, our responsive email framework, launched to help designers create mobile-optimized emails.


  • January
    John Leenane joined ZURB as new partner in charge of Business Development.
  • February
    Forrst evolved into Tavern, a place where design community shares their experience and knowledge through Q&A.
  • September
    We held our seventh ZURBwired with Sacred Heart Community Service.
  • December
    We launched Foundation for Apps, the first front-end framework created for developing fully responsive web apps.


  • July
    Bryan announces our new mission and purpose to the world: "Change the way people design connected products and services."
  • November
    Foundation 6 is released. This new version is faster, lighter, more versatile, more flexible and more powerful than ever before!
  • December
    ZURB University launches its first online video course, Interface Design Sketching.


  • March
    Ink is updated and transformed into Foundation for Emails 2, the best way to design and develop responsive HTML emails.