Strike is Retired!

It’s all good though, we’ve got bigger and better things in store for you!

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Strike's FAQ

A little app from ZURB that let's people set up tasks and then collaborate with others to knock 'em down.

Why a task list?

Managing to-dos can be a job in itself. How much harder would it be if you needed to share your list with the team?

Strike makes task lists and collaboration easy and fun. Just line 'em up and knock 'em down!

What is Strike?

Strike is a fast, fun list making tool. Your unique list is stored on the web, making it easy to access and share with others!

  • Wait a minute, a "fun" task list?

    That's right! Who said tasks have to be boring? Just line 'em up, and knock 'em down! Share the URL to get others involved. You'll all quickly know what's been done, by whom and where you need to go next.

  • Why share a list?

    Working in groups can be a challenge—having a common list makes it easier to collaborate, and it engages your team to work towards a common goal!

What makes a good list?

Everyone's lists are going to be different, but here are some ideas to help get you started with Strike.

  • Use it as a calendar of important events.

    A quick look in the morning will help get you ready for that conference call at 3.

  • Keep an eye on your goals.

    Do you want to write three blog posts per week? Great! Put a reminder at the top of your list to keep it in your head.

  • Take small steps.

    Break down a project into smaller steps and put them on your list. Knocking down those smaller tasks will keep you and your team energized to work towards the same goal.

  • Reflect.

    Keep your old tasks around. It can help to look back on where you've been before setting your sights on what's next.

How do I use it?

Getting started with Strike is easy. Give your list a name, add in some tasks, and you're done. Here are some tips to help you get the ball rolling:

  • Create a list.

    Fill in the name of your list and hit the "Create a List" button. Tip: Don't worry, you can change the name at any time by double clicking it.

  • Bookmark your list.

    See the URL below your list name? That's yours. Add it to your bookmarks for later. Tip: If you missed it the first time, check your browser history. It'll be there.

  • Add some tasks.

    Just type out your task and hit the "Add Task" button. Tip: You can edit tasks, too! Just double click and edit away.

  • Enter your name.

    Click on the "person" icon to enter the name you'd like others to see next to tasks you complete. Tip: You will not see a name next to the tasks you completed.

  • Share your list.

    Share with a teammate by sending them the list URL so they can add or complete tasks! Tip: If you're sharing your list, make sure you explain the task well (but try to be concise).

  • Complete some tasks.

    Once you've finished something, click the checkbox to strike it off the list! Tip: You can quickly delete tasks by dragging them off your list.

  • Customize your list.

    There are three completion styles and five fun themes to choose from. Tip: Print out your list to use another fun completion style: a pen!


Strike has been all over the place and we're loving it. Check out Strike across the web (and the world)!

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Strike is a fun and easy way to strike stuff off lists together.