Bare Necessities 2017

Large Screen Design That Adds Valuable Content to Drive New Sales

We've collaborated with Bare Necessities on several engagements, connecting their customers with their stellar products in the most intuitive way.

Bare Necessities is an American underwear, swimwear, and loungewear online retailer which was established in 1998 in Avenel, New Jersey.


Bare Necessities is the world’s largest retailer of designer intimate apparel and underwear, winning customers through their extensive selection and world class customer services. Ever watchful of trends in the marketplace, Bare Necessities saw an increase in their traffic coming from desktop users. In particular these visitors were using high resolution, large screen displays and were generally coming direct from email and other promotions. Bare Necessities came to ZURB to figure out how best to take advantage of that extra screen real estate and design for those extra large screens.

Mobile first design is focused on scaling back and distilling designs to what is most important, while large screen design requires the opposite, figuring out new things to add or enlarge to enhance the design.

While we had some hunches as to best fill these spaces with, we looked to current users of the site to identify what is most important to them, in particular, when making a purchasing decision. Their answers were near unanimous. When purchasing underwear, especially bras, sizing information played the biggest role in their decision to buy and helped us form this Design Insight:

Correct bra size is the most important factor influencing a purchase because sizing fluctuates dramatically across brands, countries, and styles.

Surprisingly, according to a study published in the Huffington Post, up to 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. It’s difficult for women to select their correct size because sizes are not entirely standard, with sizes being affected by a variety of sources. Bras are worn for extended periods of time, and incorrect bra sizes can lead to not just discomfort, but a variety health issues from back problems to contributing to breast cancer.

This Design Insight made it clear that providing women with more sizing information would build even more confidence and trust in the purchase so we added Bare Necessities “Suggested Fit” technology that incorporates a number of different data points to help women select the perfect size for them. A large, bold, and clear display makes excellent use of the extra screen and helps connect women with the right product, building trust with Bare Necessities along the way. In addition to “Suggested Fit”, the sites is loaded with crisp, high resolution images that showcase product details and help drive sales.

The result is a site that looks great across all devices, and gives some valuable additional information to those on extra large screens that is relevant to them and drives conversions.

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