Prototyping Mobile First

Mockup phone and tablet prototypes for iOS 7, Android Jelly Bean and Windows 8 faster with this set.

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Easy mobile mockups

Fact: more and more mobile devices are hitting the market. A new iPhone. A new Android phone. With those come new operating systems as well. When you're constantly creating mockups for those devices and operating systems, you can't waste time. We need a comprehensive Omnigraffle set that'll allow us to rapidly bring our ideas to life. Here it is.

This set includes commonly used UI elements for the iOS 7, Android Jelly Bean and Windows 8. You'll find toolbars, navigation, form elements, icons, selectors, lists and much more! You'll be up to date with this set of sketch sheets and stencils. More than that, you'll be able to swiftly create prototypes! We even use these stencils to create clickable prototypes in Solidify.

The stencils work with Omnigraffle for Mac, Keynote, or your favorite PDF program.
Download and unzip the file. Then:

  • Open the .gstencil file and Omnigraffle will import the stencil
  • Open the .key file and Keynote will open the stencil
  • Open the .pdf and you can print your own sketchsheets

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What do you get?

We made sure to include all the elements you will need to create cross platform wireframes

iOS 7

Apple's soon to be released operating system has ushered in a completely new design direction for their user interfaces. Our stencil set recreates all the necessary elements for both iPhone and iPad.

Android Jelly Bean

Google's most recent operating system brought huge performance improvements as well as a collection of simpler interface elements. We've included everything you need for your next Android phone or tablet projects.

Windows 8

Windows 8 started the flat design trend and our sketch sheets give you a complete interface element set to create apps for the phone and tablet.

Ready to get started?

We have packaged all the operating system stencils and sketch sheets into one convenient file. Included are stencils that work with Omnigraffle for Mac and Keynote as well as sketchsheets that are viewable in your favorite PDF program.

Download the Set

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