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Culture Fit

In some ways more important than skills.

ZURBians having a fun during Friday15, which is part of our company culture.

Culture fit? What the heck does that even mean? Well, it means simply hiring someone that fits within a company's culture. That's the simple explanation. The logline, if you will. Now onto the longer explanation:

Culture fit is such a huge issue nowadays for companies, and, in some ways, much more important than the skills a person has. Skill can be taught. Teaching someone to be able to fit into your culture is really, really hard work. And it doesn't always work. That's why companies, such as Fog Creek Software and Penny Arcade (and us!), work hard to determine if a person is the right culture fit.

Speaking of Penny Arcade, we found this video on how they tackle the problem just for you (you're welcome):

Well, that hardly seemed like an interview at all, did it? More like hanging out with someone. The folks at Penny Arcade were looking more for a friend than a warm body in the office. Which is not too different from how we roll here at ZURB.

Putting Candidates Through ... um, Interviewing Them

For one day, we lock … um, put … an unsuspecting victim … um, candidate … in a cage … um, The Lion's Den … and that person gets pelted with question after question from each and every ZURBian on the team. We're not just trying to get a better grasp of a person's skills, but trying to engage them as people. How would they take our jokes? ("That's what she said") Our scrappiness? Our chaos? NERF air gun bullets flying through the air?

At the end, we all have to agree to hire the person in order to bring someone on.

Our focus on culture fit carries over to our ZURBjobs board. We ask that each and every company that lists on the job board provide pictures of their culture as well as fun facts about the games, perks, and activities they have so that we can share them with potential candidates. Check it out.

Think you can handle our culture? Then, get a job nerd!

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