Playground Graduates

Sometimes Playground pieces move on to bigger and better things. Even Foundation can claim to have roots here. Many of our more popular experiments on the Playground have become Foundation components or full-blown, standalone products. This is where we keep those projects.

Foundation Components

Our most popular jQuery plugins, like Orbit, Reveal, and Joyride, have been integrated into Foundation, our responsive front-end framework. As Foundation components, these plugins are now more advanced, more responsive, and more awesome.

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  • Orbit

    Orbit: Image slider plugin

    Sick of confusing and bloated image sliders that never work? Rock ZURB's Orbit for a mere 4KB.

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  • Reveal

    Reveal: Modal plugin

    We've made the sexiest, most lightweight jQuery modal plugin this side of ever.

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  • Joyride

    Joyride: Feature tour plugin

    Want to take users through a tour of your app? We've got the right tool.

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  • Design Apps

    Our suite of paid and free apps help design teams and individuals get things done.

    • Notable


      Our first Playground graduate, Notable lets your team quickly and easily capture webpages and give feedback.

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    • Bounce


      Like giving feedback and want a fast, free way to give some? Check out Bounce, a fun, free way to give feedback on websites.

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    • Strike


      Strike makes task lists and collaboration easy and fun. Just line 'em up and knock 'em down!

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    • Chop


      Chop makes it dead simple to drop in code, add notes, and share them with other nerds. Perfect for code reviews, sharing snippets, and all kinds of geeky pursuits.

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    • Clue


      Want a fun and easy way to test what people remember on your website.? Check out Clue to create a memory test for your website with the click of a button.

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    • Parade


      Schedule your photos and build your audience! Don’t let your photo stream fade away; keep eyes on your work with daily uploads. Parade takes the work out of curating your photo stream.

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    • Reel


      Reel is a great way to present sketches, mockups, or PDF/PPT preso for quick thumbs up/down feedback (or just to show it off). It's pretty rad.

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    • Spur


      Spur is a fun and easy way for anyone to capture websites and provide a quick critique on visual design and layout.

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    • Axe


      A tablet web app from ZURB that lets you kill bad web designs, cut out the fat, and share the meaty results.

      Visit Axe

    • Plunk


      Plunk Down on Your Mobile Targets. An easy way to test clicks on a mobile phone.

      Visit Plunk

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