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Jocelyn, a Design volunteer, has furiously been working on putting together a new t-shirt designs for Family Giving Tree.

As usual we started out with a couple low-fi sketches to present ideas to the Family Giving Tree team.

After a couple of iterations, Jocelyn was able to finalize the design for the shirts.

Before finalizing these designs, the location of many of the elements of the tee had changed. Originally there was a front image on the purple tee along with a large logo on the back. However, due to concerns that while working in there donation warehouse, the elves (as the Family Giving Tree team members call themselves), wear vests that may cover up the design.

To circumvent this issue, we moved the logo to the sleeve so that it will always be visible. Expect to see a Family Giving Tree team wearing some new dapper gear in the near future!

We would like to thank Jocelyn and all of our volunteers for their hard work!

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