Inbound Marketer at ZURB

Wanted: An Inbound Marketer who unleashes our wins upon the world

About the position

You're passionate about technology, design and people. You love making things happen. Connection with people is your jam.

Who we are

We're a team of driven product designers, engineers and writers who are great at rapid prototyping, multi-device design and teaching people how to design. We've been around since 1998, creating world-class products that hundreds of millions of people actually use. We believe Design, with a capital "D", can change the world, and we ensure it does. We need your help to foster great relationships with fans, bloggers and press. Our efforts don't go unnoticed, we get a lot of attention.

We're looking for someone with a diverse knowledge of marketing, who would be focused on our services, Foundation and University. A typical day might consist of connecting to bloggers and exchanging ideas with your fellow ZURBians after our team scrum. You'll enjoy lunch with the team in our new building, then shift over to securing speakers for our next ZURBsoapbox. In between it all, you'll reach out to our stream of fans on Twitter and Facebook. You'll work closely with Bryan, our Chief Instigator, who'll coach you through the next big thing.

At the end of the day, you'll connect with designers doing amazing things and share their story on Forrst. You'll go home knowing that you made a lot of things happen, helping millions of people learn something new about design. And you'll learn something new in the process, from Bryan and your fellow ZURBians, which is just one of the many perks of the job.

What skills are we looking for?

  • 3+ Years of Work Experience
    We're throwing you into the deep end and expecting you to float.
  • Technical Background a Plus
    Namely in design and development. We want to talk to you about the web all day every day.
  • Good Conversationalist
    You'll be talking to many of our contacts a lot, and we want you to be comfortable doing it
  • Good Writer, Emailer, IMer
    As with speaking, writing is a must.

What you'll be doing

  • Connecting with Influencers, building our network
  • Building our social circle (Google+, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Pitching ZURB services, selling the story
  • Securing media coverage
  • Helping outline projects
  • Writing for our blog
  • Doing client follow-ups on our service projects
  • Booking Soapbox speakers
  • Connecting companies with our ZURBthink training events
  • Optimizing our content for SEO, especially the University
  • Setting up talks for ZURBians at outside events
  • Managing our analytics
  • Willing and able to write proposals for client projects

A little more about us

ZURB is a close-knit team based in Campbell, CA. We've been alive since 1998 (that's 91 in dog years) and have helped more than 200 start-ups to design some kick ass online products. Our customers range from large, well-known companies (Netfilx, Salesforce, Zazzle, Facebook, Yahoo, Britney Spears, and the New York Stock Exchange) to brand-new start-ups just finding their feet (Qik, They all came to us because of our reputation for delivering killer ideas that work.

Ready for world domination?

If so, just shoot us an email to [email protected] and include the following:

  • A catchy subject line
  • Your top 3 skills
  • Your best teamwork tactic
  • Your URL and résumé
  • Why you want to work at ZURB
Email [email protected]
I love that we’re changing the world and making a dent in the universe with everything we do.
Ryan Riddle, Lead Editor