Business Developer at ZURB

Wanted: A Business Developer Who Snatches Opportunity and Closes Deals

About the position

You thrive in an environment where you close deals that enable ambitious companies and startups achieve their product design goals.

We’re a team of driven product designers, engineers and writers who excel at rapid prototyping, multi-device design and teaching people how to do both. We’ve been around since 1998 creating world-class products that hundreds of millions of people actually use. We believe Design, with a capital “D”, can change the world — and we ensure that it does. Our efforts get a lot of attention from up-and-coming startups and companies. It’s up to a Business Developer to turn that attention into working relationships.

You'll maintain relationships both inside and outside ZURB, and across our four business groups: Studios, Foundation, University and Design Apps. You'll work to figure out what Studio services best helps a customer and creates the sparks their product needs. You might also find that they'll need additional services, such as Foundation implementation or training or one of our Design Apps.

A typical day will be spent listening to customers, evaluating their needs and educating them on which ZURB services, processes and design methods address them. You'll structure the project with deliverables, milestones and budgets, all before having catered lunch with the team in our new Command Center. After eating, you'll close a Studios deal. Then switch gears to help another customer find the training that's right for their team or arrange for implementation help on a Foundation project. Or maybe work on promoting our Design Apps. You'll go home knowing you've helped not only our customers but also made an impact to the team.

What skills are we looking for?

  • Business know-how, such as knowing the different stages of a company, understanding business revenue models and ability to navigate corporate culture.
  • Desire to learn and shape Product Design for customers:
    • Prototyping
    • Iteration
    • Multi-device design
    • Design feedback loop
  • Willingness to understand the nuances of website and app development
  • The ability to speak to clients regardless of their business. You'll work with a breadth of industries, whether they're startups or grownup startups. Some of our previous clients include: Netflix, Facebook, Intuit, Qik, Darby Smart, Terracota, Zazzle, to name a few.

What you'll be doing

  • Identifying customer problems and outlining potential solutions
  • Presenting ZURB's capabilities through public speaking, business calls, web conference calls
  • Writing contracts for work and negotiating terms
  • Closing deals across our four business groups: Studios, Foundation, University and Design Apps
  • Transferring the project to Design Leads and Accounts Payable

A little more about us

ZURB is a close-knit team of product designers who help companies and teams design for people. Since 1998, we've helped thousands of teams and startups get stuff done. Every aspect of our business is driven by the desire to help others design better products faster. Our Studios helps create the sparks to make their products work. Foundation, our responsive framework, allows teams to rapidly build sites that work across multiple devices. University gets people the product design know-how to build great products, while our Design Apps help get them through their design process quickly.

Ready for world domination?

If so, just shoot us an email to [email protected] and include the following:

  • A catchy subject line
  • Your top 3 skills
  • Your best teamwork tactic
  • Your URL and résumé
  • Why you want to work at ZURB
Email [email protected]
ZURB has a strong culture focused on business results, with a pleasant veneer of fun.
Roeland van Krieken, Business Developer