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We’ve created quite a few webpages to help people design great products faster.
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ZURB is a close-knit team of product designers who help companies design better products faster.


We've worked with more than 200 startups since 1998.

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The ZURBlog is where we discuss product design, business and strategy. We use design thinking to challenge businesses and designers to improve the products and services they create.

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ZURB News is our monthly newsletter by our Chief Instigator, Bryan Zmijewski, to keep you up-to-date on design and all things ZURB.

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ZURB Wired

ZURB Wired is a 24-hour design collaboration, hosted annually by ZURB, where we complete a marketing effort for one lucky nonprofit.

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ZURBians speak at various product, engineering and design conferences and companies. View our presentations or contact us to speak at your next conference or company event.

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We'll work together to get your product, website or online service designed better and faster than you thought possible.

How can we help you?

At the other end of every product is a person. We solve product design problems so that customers can use your products with ease.

Our product design capabilities

We'll help you get products, websites and online services done better and faster than ever before.

  • Rapid Prototyping & Iteration

    We may only be one iteration of your entire project cycle, but we won't waste any time. We'll work quickly to go from concept to prototype and rapidly get your project to the next iteration so you can get to an end result faster.

  • Design for Any Device

    You can no longer design for a desktop screen with more and more people accessing the Web through their mobile devices. We have to design for four corners, no matter the size, no matter the device. That's why we use Foundation, a responsive framework, to make sure your product works on any device.

  • Design Literacy & Collaboration

    We believe in building strong teaching cultures. Throughout our project, we'll guide you through our design process and arm you with tools and products you can take to your team to get things done faster.

Some of our wins

We’ve worked on tons of amazing and interesting projects. Here are a few examples to get a taste of how we work.


An easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device. Start here, build everywhere.

Case Studies


Apps from ZURB helps you design great products faster through rapid prototyping, iteration and user feedback.


ZURB University is an exhibition of Product Design courses, resources and training


Sharpen Your Product Design Skills — You'll learn from those of us who practice the principles of product design on a daily basis. These online courses offer you a chance to better understand the ZURB process and how you can apply it to your work. All courses are held online using GoToMeeting, so you can attend from anywhere.

Introduction to Foundation

An introductory implementation-focused class on learning the fundamentals of using Foundation. You'll be taught by the developers of Foundation and folks who use it everyday. The class covers every section of Foundation and does not require experience with Foundation — you'll be ready to start building responsive web pages.

Using Sass with Foundation

A class focused on using Sass with Foundation and our Sass mixins. You'll get Foundation Sass training straight from the brains behind it. You don't have to know a ton about Sass to take this class. The first hour covers an introduction, with the second hour focused on implementing it. You'll be writing Sass in no time!

Introduction to Responsive Web Design

A class focused on teaching you how to design and build responsive web sites. We practice Responsive Web Design every day here at ZURB, heck we even built Foundation on these principles back when we launched it in 2011. This class covers both the Design patterns and code bits that all designers and front-end coders should know.

Master Design Feedback to Influence Others and Win Meetings

Learn how to properly solicit feedback, what to do with it and how to give it. We give feedback on a daily basis, even on an hourly basis at ZURB. We've practiced for more than 15 years on how to ask for and give others feedback on their designs. This class covers tactics on presenting your work before others and how to ask specific questions that will get you the feedback you actually need.

Interface Design Sketching

Learn how to create professional looking sketches to clearly communicate your ideas. We've been sketching to communicate our designs visually for over 15 years. To demonstrate exactly how design sketches come together, we'll live sketch some of the examples so you can see the techniques in action.

Advanced Foundation

You'll be taught by the developers of Foundation and folks who use it everyday. You'll have the opportunity to ask them direct questions about Foundation. The course covers a number of advanced topics and scenarios to help you implement better responsive sites even faster using Foundation.

User Testing to Validate Design

We've been testing designs and presenting findings for 15 years and we want to teach you how to do it too! To demonstrate how we create test plans, conduct sessions, and analyze findings we’ll share scenarios and examples for in-person, remote and unmoderated user-testing.


Dig into design concepts with our library of resources.

Pattern Tap

Pattern Tap is a place where designers can find inspiration and study patterns of user interaction. It's an amazing resource and we're excited about the potential it brings to further our mission of increasing design literacy. Not to mention, it's a great resource just to keep up with the freshest ideas in the design world.


ZURB Word is a snapshot into our world where we share quick design concepts that help people build better products and services.

Latest Words:

With more and more designers adopting responsive design for their personal and professional projects, we felt there was a huge opportunity to showcase some of the best work built with responsive design as the core. In addition to the gallery, you can learn the ins on outs of responsive design with our Responsive Reading and Responsive Design categories.

ZURB Playground

Playground is where we share creative interaction design tools and experiments from the design and engineering teams here at ZURB. We create tools, implementation examples, and other interesting projects that help people design for people. We think you’ll love it.

Playing With Javascript
Visual Effects & Animation With CSS3
Stronger, Better, Faster Website Design with CSS3
All About the Buttons
Tools to Help You Design Better

We're going 'round the world — to educate, to enlighten and, hopefully, learn something ourselves. We'll be coming to a city near you so that we can exchange ideas, hold workshops or training, speak, and get connected with our fans.

Friday 15

People struggle to be creative when it's not part of the culture. We stoke the creative fires at ZURB with a 15-minute challenge — from building a marshmallow tower to a load-bearing house of cards. We've collected a few of our Friday15 challenges so your team can stay creative.


Design Triggers comprise a collection of common psychological motivators, cognitive biases, and behavior patterns, you can use to plan entire workflows. We created this as a handy resource for you to explore options: How can you get people to sign up, act now, or otherwise engage with a website?

Building Blocks

Building Blocks are bits of code that you can drop into any Foundation project. You'll find templates, bar charts, alert panels, buttons and more. These give you the, pardon the pun, building blocks to get your project off the ground.


One is the loneliest number. Engage with our community to learn with other like-minded people.


Forrst is a community of passionate designers and developers focused on helping themselves and others get better at their craft, providing thoughtful critiques, and sharing their knowledge to build better applications and websites.


Enroll lets you take quick tests to help make the web a better place for everyone. Help companies decide which logo is better, clarify content or simply complete tasks on a web site or app to ensure the interaction makes sense. Anyone can do it!

Job Board from ZURB

Job Board is focused on people who design web and mobile products. We have over a decade of experience hiring and working with Designers, which puts us in a unique position to help you find the right talent.