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Testing ideas quickly

We rapidly prototype and iterate to get to solutions faster.

When it comes to solving problems, big and small, we have to be able to quickly test things, whether it's flow, content or comprehension. We have to accept that we don't always have the answers. Prototyping is how we get to them and get there quickly.

We work rapidly from initial sketch to prototype to get your project to the next, great iteration to achieve an end result faster.


Why it works

Here are three benefits of rapid prototyping and iteration:

Understand what works

We can't know how your product or service will work unless we can touch it. Rapid prototyping gives us a better understanding of how your product will feel and what needs to be refined.

Reveal ideas

A working prototype reveals ideas and opportunities that wouldn't otherwise have been arrived at. We're also able to get contextual feedback on what works and doesn't so we swiftly get to the next iteration.


Rapid prototyping and iteration is preventative, like flossing. We're able to future-proof our designs, ensuring they work great on any device.

How we do it

We have a few tools in our arsenal that allow us to prototype rapidly and iterate in no time at all.

  • Foundation

    Our front-end, responsive framework not only allows us to create wireframes in code but also build workable prototypes for all devices.

  • Solidify

    We use our clickable prototype app to showcase what the user flow will look like.

  • Notable

    Our feedback app allows us to capture any interface screenshot, sketch or wireframe, and allows us to exchange contextual notes on specific details.

  • Verify

    We use our concept testing app to quickly get feedback on screens or mockups so that we can make better informed design decisions.

ZURB brought to the table a well-thought-out process that allowed our team to focus on the creative aspects of our website design. — Raymond King, CEO, AboutUs