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Designing for four corners

We’ve gone past the 960-grid to create products that can work on any screen size.

With more and more people using their mobile devices to access the Web, we can no longer design solely for a desktop screen. We're designing for four corners, no matter the size, no matter the device. If we don't, we risk quickly becoming irrelevant in today's mobile world.

We work with our clients to determine the best plan for them based on their current customers. If their analytics point towards more of their users using the app or website on their mobile devices, then it's a sure sign to consider designing mobile first.


By the numbers

You can’t ignore the numbers. Mobile is the future and the future has arrived at our doorstep.

We can't afford not to design for any device. Our products have to look good on phones, tablets and desktops. If they don't, we risk cutting ourselves off from a huge segment of potential customers.

Mobile web traffic will soon leave desktop usage in the dust (it's already happening). Consider this:

How we go about it

To ensure your project works on every device, we use our front-end responsive framework, Foundation, which is freakishly advanced.

Flexible grid

Foundation's Grid lets us lay out pages quickly and logically in a flexible, nestable system. The biggest boon is that the Grid can be whatever size we want — from small phones to large TV screens.

Rapid prototyping

Foundation's kit of styles and elements allows us to put together coded prototypes in no time, which can then be adapted and styled into polished production code.

Multi-device mobility

The Grid also allows us to layout for mobile devices as well as desktop browsers. You don't need to build two different sites — we can build a solid experience on all kinds of devices with the same markup.