3 Ways Paysa Lifted
Engagement by 85%

Paysa and ZURB worked together on the redesign of a new application, with engagement as a primary goal.

Increasing user engagement is always a goal when we set out to redesign an app. But an 85% lift!?! How does design impact an app to the point that a company can see an 85% lift in user engagement in only a few short months of its release?

We sat down with Chris Bolte, CEO & Co-Founder of Paysa to share more on how we accomplished this.


Paysa provides users with personalized and actionable tools, insights and research so that they can understand what they are actually worth in the market today and how they can better meet or exceed their current market salary. Paysa and ZURB worked together on the redesign of the new application, with engagement as one of the primary goals.

Here are three ways we used Progressive Design to create success with Paysa’s engagement:

Find Value in the Data for Every Use Case

There were a lot of use cases to be addressed. Some of Paysa’s features were going to be publicly accessible, others were going to be accessible by logged in users, and some views would be accessible to both.

For example, only those users that were logged in, and who had also filled out their complete profile, would be able to see all the goodies. Paysa was delivering a lot of data to employees...not just on their value in relation to their current position but also how to increase that value and, based on various steps, what outcome they could expect.

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The design challenge here was the need to look at the different use cases, and deliver relevant data to a user based on the completeness of their profile. What the user sees is predicated on what they give, and what they give is equitably exchanged for relevant data about their careers.

We took the time to understand each of these use cases, and made sure the data presented was back to the user. In each case, the user quickly sees value while also keeping them engaged.

Marrying the Art & Science of a Strongly Data Driven App

When you have a strongly data-driven application, it’s important that the presentation of data excites the user and makes them want more. And for Paysa, it was important that anyone could jump into the application, begin using it and derive value from the data that the app was providing.

The consumer use is critical to an application like Paysa’s. When there’s millions of data points, we didn’t want to just put the same old graphs and charts up for view. At the same time, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel to the point that your user doesn’t know how to quickly interact or respond to the data being presented.


We made a conscious decision not to show the kitchen sink, but rather layer in the complexity behind discoverable components. This keeps the user curious, and puts them into “explorer” mode.

Surfacing all the information, all at once, stymies this curiosity and convinces the user they’ve already seen all there is to offer. We used strong interaction points to help guide users through the process that also built trust for reliability of the data.

Creating an Equitable Exchange of Data

To make the best recommendations, Paysa needs to know as much as possible about the user. So with all of Paysa’s use cases based on how much of their profile they fill out, how did we keep the users, still working through their profile, engaged?

It’s all about small bites of information. You give a little, the user gives a little, and so on.


This worked well for Paysa!

We delivered valuable data to them in these bite-sized bits. Paysa is always the first to give, but everytime the user gives more info, Paysa also gives a little more. This kind of exchange demonstrated real value of the application to the user while also rewarding them for their engagement.

"We're really proud of the experience that ZURB helped us design. We're seeing everything go up into the right—not only topline traffic but also engagement on the profile, signups, job recommendation, skill recommendation—all these things continue to move in the right direction." — Chris Bolte, CEO & Co-Founder, Paysa

The app helps you understand the accuracy of your Market Salary in your profile by giving you a meter of confidence. A user who completes all the above criteria will have a higher confidence score than a user who only completes one aspect.

This all adds up to a highly custom and tailored experience, inspiring the user to discover more, and in turn, give more. This economy of exchange adds to the base data in the system as well, so each new user, and every new bit of information, increases the accuracy and in turn the overall value of the application to the user.

About Paysa

Paysa is a personalized career application whose goal is to enable employees optimize the value of their careers, across their full career arc. To learn more about your market value and how you can grow within your career, visit www.paysa.com.

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