Staging a comeback

Set to make her comeback, Britney Spears needed a new website to announce the release of her new album. The challenge? We had to finish it in 2 months.

All eyes on me in the center of the ring

Britney's team was emphatic about getting the site completed before the album was released. The ZURB team understood the time constraints, realizing how important it was to be able to visualize the site immediately, focusing everyone's efforts and attention on the quick wins that could be achieved throughout the process.

We also understood that what we created should not be "just another 'artist' site" — it needed to reflect the energy and star power that Britney Spears uniquely brings. We wanted fans to fall in love with Britney again, and our goals helped shape how people perceived the Queen of Pop in one simple-to-use dashboard.

Quick decisions guide the process

With a project as fast and furious as this one, you’ve got to have someone inside the client’s organization who can tell you “yes” or “no”

Wireframes Our initial ideas that we thought could make the application stand out

Prior to accepting the project, ZURB made sure that we would have access to the folks who could make decisions and make them quickly.

Once we confirmed this direct connection to the top, we had several group work sessions with the entire team (including both Britney's management and members of Team ZURB) to share information and ideas on how to create something different for Britney.

Results: 1 million visitors in 24 Hours

Fans rejoice as Britney makes her comeback!

Britney's team was ecstatic over the results — the site was completed on time, and positioned Britney's brand to stand out within the music world. "I think I've visited the new more times since its relaunch than I visited it during any of its previous incarnations...I find myself reading the posts, watching the videos, and checking out the photo galleries," said Lauren LaGarde, a long-time Britney fan. "Good job, Team ZURB! Everyone who worked on this deserves a bonus!"

Lauren wasn't the only one that took notice — in the first 24 hours, the revamped site received more than 1 million visitors. And the site's message boards were lit up with posts as Britney's fans clamored to connect with her — and each other.

ZURB was able to create a website that encouraged repeat participation giving visitors a reason to return again and again. — Team Brit

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