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Quickly put together polished design presentations to show off your work.

Creating a Page

You can start a new Stories page from your dashboard, within a project, or from the top nav.

Create assets from the top nav

Each Story page must have a title. For projects that use process templates, each deliverable link will create a new Stories page, where you’ll then present the work for each step of the process.

Adding Content

Stories let you add any type on content to contruct a unique design presentation.

  • Import Work: Add work from your dashboard or project assets, like a Solidify Prototype or Verify Test.
  • External Content: Link to content from any other website or online service.
  • Choose a Template: Use these content templates to present almost anything you want. Just drop in an image and the content you need!
  • Checklist: Quickly create a list of to-dos or takeaways. Checklists can be found within Choose a Template options.
  • Freeform Content: Write freeform HTML markup with Foundation code and create your totally custom presentation. Find this option under Choose a Template.

Adding Content Blocks

Awesome thing about Influence is that you can mix and match any content type in one presentation. For example, you may need to present a site audit from a Notable Notebook and data analysis in Google Sheets to get your team onboard with a redesign proposal. Now you can combine these content types in one place to tell your story.

Any content block or any part of the block that you leave empty will not show up on the presentation page. For example, if you don’t need images for your presentation, just don’t add them and if titles aren’t important, just leave them blank. Your presentation will include only the elements you add!

You can also re-arrange content blocks by dragging them up or down using the handle icon shown below. And of course, you can delete anything you need.

Rearrange content blocks

Import Work

It’s super easy to add work you’ve already created in Notable, like a Notable set of a Solidify prototype. Just click on Import Work option and select the work you need to import. You can import as many items as your presentation requires here.

Import work into your page

While we import the title of the work along with a tile representing it, you can always change it. Add a description to explain how this works moves the project forward and you’re set. The presentation will automatically include the link to this work.

Influence Notaball!
Notable tip!

Use basic HTML or markdown to give your descriptions a bit more oomph!

External Content

External content blocks are great for presenting content from other sites or services. For example, if your engineering team keeps their code in a Github repo, you can add a link to that repo to a page in your project.

Each external content block lets you add an image, title, description, and most importantly a link! To upload an image, simply click on the placeholder image and select an image from your computer. If you decide to leave the placeholder empty, we just won’t show it on the presentation page – simple.

Choose a Template

This is where you can really get creative with your presentation. Click Choose a Template to add a content block and fill it with any content you need. Presenting user personas? Try the three-up block. Got a moodboard to show off? Use the one-up block here.

Content templates let you customize content

Note that for content blocks, your images will be appear as the original size of the image. So if you add a small image to a one-up template, it will not get stretched. You have all the power!


The Checklist template is a great tool to present to-dos, notes or takeaways back to the team. It’s a way of establishing an agenda for the following round.

Give your checklist a title and add task. You can also reorder tasks by dragging them up or down by the handle.

Put together a checklist and arrange the tasks

Freeform HTML

If you’re familiar with Foundation markup, it’s super easy to create complex layouts using the Foundation grid in a Freeform HTML round. Just click on HTML under the “Choose a Template” option to start creating the round!

Influence Notaball!
Notable tip!

Not familiar with Foundation, no problem! Hop on over to the Foundation docs to get started.

Attach files and images to your Freeform block by clicking the Upload Files button. You can then add the links to the downloadable files or add images inline to your freeform markup!

Attach files to Freeform rounds

Attach Files

Sometimes you need to share a file with the rest of the team, so you can attach one (or several) to the entire round.

Iterating with Rounds

Quick iterations and feedback are keys in successful design. In Influence you can create multiple Rounds of the page, so you can capture all your design iterations in one place. Add a new round to a page by clicking Add Round on top of the page.

Draft Mode

You can save your pages as a draft until you’re ready to share it with others. This will be indicated by a Draft tag. When you are ready, just click on Publish to make it visible to everyone on the team or those you share the page with.

Publish drafts

Edit Round

Made a mistake while posting your work? Don’t worry, we got you! You can always go back and edit your Round. Click the Edit Round link to many any changes to your descriptions, images, or entire content blocks.

Round actions

Copy Round

You can copy a previous round to create an exact duplicate with the New Round as Copy link. This comes in very handy when you want to keep the styling in the description or when you only need to replace a few parts of the preso.


Now that your page is all set up, you’re ready to ask for feedback from your customers or team! You can turn on comments during page creation or on the presentation page itself. Juck click on Enable Comments.

Commenters will be able to edit or delete their own comments. Admin users will be able to edit or delete anyone’s comments.