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People make design work fun! Collaborating and getting feedback from your team, customers, and target audience is how you can ensure you’re designing a valuable product.

Account Team

To manage users on your account, click on Account Team under People menu in the top nav. From here, you can change user’s access level and invite new users to your account. Invited users will be in an Invited state until they accept your invitation and create their Notable profile. If they already have a Notable profile, they’ll automatically be added to your account.

You can also view the most recent projects each team member has worked on in the last month and access each team member’s Profile Page from this screen. Handy, right?

Manage your team permissions

User Roles

  • Owner: As an owner you’re in charge of the billing profile and you have access to all assets and project created by all team members on the account. Although you can be part of multiple account, it’s important to note that you can only be the “owner” of a single account. You can transfer account ownership if needed by going to Edit Account and selecting another team member as the new owner.

  • Admin: Admin users can add and remove members on the account as well as transfer account ownership. They also have the ability to add themselves to any project and make changes to assets. Admins can purchase tester credits as well, but can’t change the billing and credit card information.

  • Team Member: Team members create assets, but can only see their own projects or projects that they have been invited to. They can also use tester credits on the account, but can’t purchase more if the credits run out.

Profile Pages

If you want to take a deeper dive into what your team members have been working on, you can click into their profile page through the Account Team page. Once you are on their profile page you can get a very clear view of what work they’ve done in the last 15 days of all their most recent projects. This is given by a top level overview presented by the project calendar at the top of the page. You can use the gradients of their highlighted activity here to determine quickly what days had the most activity on which projects.

Profile Page

You also have the ability to see what assets your team members have created by viewing their Work tab. If you want to see their past activity you can view this two ways. You can view any activity they have done by selecting the All tab, or you can select the Shared tab to see any activity done on shared assets/projects between the two of you. This is really useful if you need to keep track of what has been accomplished as a joint effort!

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Notable tip!

Need to give them a holler? Simply hit the Ping @user button in the top left of the screen.

Customer Lists

Customer Lists are the best way to create target groups of users for getting feedback on any asset in Notable. Start creating your hand-picked audience in Customer Lists section under the People menu. For each customer list, you’ll be able to see how many members it holds and how many projects each list has been giving feedback on.

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Notable tip!

When creating a new customer list, give each a descriptive title. Also consider uploading a logo or unique image to help you find the right list quickly.

The basic, most simple customer lists consist of customer names and emails. When adding customers to a new or existing list, make sure to add one customer per line, separating the customer’s name and email by comma.

Create customer lists

You can also add custom fields to your customer list (e.g. Company, Twitter Handle, etc.). Or simply upload a CSV file and we’ll help you parse the data once it’s imported. And if you need to make adjustments to any specific customer’s details, click on Edit icon for the table entry. You can always remove customers from a list, too. This action cannot be undone.

Target Audience

A fast and reliable way to get to a target audience of validated testers is by purchasing tester credit. We have over 10,000 testers ready to help you make unbiased design decisions! Tester credits can be used to buy test results on Directive Prototypes and all Tests.

The benefit of purchasing results is that you’ll automatically have demographic data for each tester. You’ll also be able to flag suspicious results and get them replaced immediately. We can deliver on 100 or less results within a 24 hour period or less in most cases!

Only account Owner or Admin users can add credits to the account. You can purchase these results by either setting up a recurring monthly payment that gets added to your billing cycle, or through one time credit transactions using the card that is saved to the account. Once credits are purchased, they will be available for all users on the account.

The costs are as follows:

  • 1$ = 1 credit
  • It costs 1 credit to buy a result on single Tests.
  • It costs 5 credits to buy a result for your linked tests (10 test maximum)
  • It costs 5 credits to buy a Prototypes test result

To buy tester credits, go to Target Audience within People menu in the main nav and click Buy Credits. You can buy credits in 25 credit increments. This is also where you can see how tester credits were used by your team over time.

See how tester credits were used by your team

If you want more results after you’ve gathered an initial round on the same test, you can apply more credits to gain more paid results for that test. If some of the responses were clearly not well thought out, we give you the ability to flag them. We also automatically provide you with demographic data with purchased results.