Hitchhiker’s Guide to Notable

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Notable Platform is packed with tools to help teams design great products faster. So let’s make sure you got the playbook on making the most out of Notable!

The Dashboard

Your Notable dashboard is your home base. It’s where you can catch up on what your team has been working on and pick up your project and assets where you left off.

The main view on your dashboard shows your most recent activity or work. This shows the complete list of your assets, which can be filtered by asset type just above the thumbnails.

Filter your assets on the dashboard

Use the plus button in the top left of your dashboard toolbar to create new assets. These assets will show up on your dashboard as Unorganized until your move them into a project. Assets created directly in a project are labeled with the project name, too.

Use the plus button in the top left

You can also use bulk actions to archive, move or delete any of your assets directly from the dashboard. Bam!

Take bulk actions on your dashboard assets


You can stay connected to your team and projects by receiving notifications on the most recent activity in your work by your team and anytime you are mentioned in Notable.

Keep track of any new activity or updates by viewing them through the notification icon in the upper right corner of your dashboard.

the notification icon in the upper right corner of your dashboard

When you receive a notification, simply click it within the dropdown window and you will be taken straight to the activity or update! Need to see past notifications for easy reference? Check out the Notifications tab on your Dashboard and view all of your notifications or sort by any @mention’s, favorited notifications, or sort them by project.

Annotations Notaball!
Notable tip!

You can mark important notifications you may want to quickly come back to later by hitting the star symbol next to it. This will favorite the notification so you can quickly access it by the Favorites filter!

If you need to manage your notification settings, simply head over to My Settings and adjust them there.


Sharing work is really simple in Notable. You can share it on many different levels as well: share the project or any individual asset – you control who sees what and how they can participate on the work.

You can share work with team members, guests (via email), and customers! In the sharing interface, you can write a formatted message to share directly from the app or copy a secure URL to send work along another way.

Share work with team or customers

After sharing the asset, you’ll be able to manage team members access level. Owners and Admins automatically get full access to all projects and assets in the account.

Manage access for your collaborators

Project permissions get inherited by assets that are in those projects. So if you shared a project with group A and then shared an Annotations set with group B, both group A and B have access to the Annotation set. However, group B doesn’t have access to the project. Access level (Edit or Comment) as well as removing users from an asset can only be done where they were initially shared on the item. That means that you can’t remove users from group A in the Annotation set level, you can only do that at the project level.

Accounts & Billing

You can be a part of multiple accounts at the same time. It’s also possible to switch between accounts very easily by hovering over the Accounts tab, which is found next to the profile link. From there, if you’re a part of another account, there will be a sub-category from which you can click to switch to the other account.

As a user with only a Profile on someone else’s account, you may also choose to create your own separate account, thus becoming an Owner of a different account. Assets created on different accounts are completely separate. This means that something created on account A can’t be seen on account B and vice versa. So you can’t create something then move it between the different account you are a part of.

Notable pricing is super simple — $20 per user per month. Your monthly cost may fluctuate depending on how many users you have on your team at the end of the billing period (which is every 30 days).

Profile & Notifications

You can access and edit your user profile, including your photo, name and password from the top nav. In My Settings, you can manage notification settings for projects you’re collaborating on.

Toggle project notifications one by one or all together, under My Settings. If you turn off notifications, you won’t receive activity update emails about any of your projects or assets that you are shared with you. If you turn off Flash Updates, you won’t receive notifications in app.

Manage your project notifications