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Effectively present and organize your design mockups, visuals, and presentations to your clients and stakeholders using Notable Stories.

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Tell a story with your design

No more hours preparing slide decks and powerpoints to be sent out by email. Present your design work in a structured way using titles and descriptions to frame your ideas and create a story with your work. You can also use Markdown and even write custom HTML!

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Keep all of your assets in one place

To create complete design stories, you need to show more than artifacts. Import any external content that will support your design decisions and get the team bought into your thinking.

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Evolve ideas and show progress

Stop retracing your decisions in every meeting. Quickly get new team members up to speed by showing them a history of your work. Naturally display each version of an idea or design with associated feedback to show how it has evolved with every design decision.

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Notable is friggen awesome! It is a beautiful and easy to use application, and the exported results are highly professional.

Loren Baxter, A Clean Design

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