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New Ways to Get Insights, See Progress and Start Conversations

Free flowing communication is essential to great design. The problems our design work has to solve need to be communicated to us. Feedback and ideas need to be shared within our teams. The benefits and merit of our work need to be expressed to clients, stakeholders and customers. Simply put, anything that improves communication has the potential to improve our design. So how do you foster communication when your team works remotely from different cities and your clients are in a diffe... Read More

A More Seamless Experience in Notable

Any designer will tell you that feedback is precious. It helps us make sure we’re meeting our objectives, warns us if we’re going in the wrong direction, and guides the flow of our ideas. Notable was originally designed to help making giving and soliciting feedback as easy as possible. But it’s not just about making it easy, it’s also about speeding up that process. The quicker you can get the feedback you need, the faster you can iterate and get to the right answer. For the last few month... Read More

Introducing the Social Test for Facebook

A few weeks ago, Facebook unveiled Reactions, a new way for their 1.4 billion members to interact with your content. Beyond a simple “like” or comment, user can now respond with one of six animated emojis. This new feature is a huge opportunity for savvy marketers, but also presents a huge risk. With the user opinions front and center, how do you ensure your content will get the response you’re aiming for? Take a sample test and see how it works. We’re proud to announce a new addit... Read More

Heartbleed Bug and ZURB Design Apps: What We're Doing About It

Last night, a vulnerability called Heartbleed was exposed in OpenSSL, an open source library that’s responsible for encrypting data over HTTPS for much of the web. At this time there is no indication that any ZURB properties have been breached or that any of our user data has been leaked. Nevertheless, we are taking this threat very seriously. While most of our apps are unaffected, Notable, Solidify, Verify and Influence are potentially vulnerable to the Heartbleed exploit. We are working ... Read More

Whose got the company credit card?! I need some Verify Results! Like 25,000 of them....

Whenever we hear numerous requests for a feature, we try our best to institute the functionality. Whether its Notable, Solidify, Verify, or Influence, if enough of you want it, we listen. Which brings me to our new feature in Verify. The ability to pre-purchase test results. Often times, with our larger enterprise users, there are a number of users on the account. When anybody wants to buy results (up to 100), they need to pull out the company CC and enter their info. Normally, with sm... Read More

Using More Than One App? Here's How to Navigate

You're a smart person. You recognize that Notable, Solidify, Verify and Influence is a great way to handle your creative endeavors and collaborate. Say you're working in Solidify, but want to jump over to Notable and back to Solidify, without having the re-enter credentials? No problem, whatsoever. Need a step-by-step? You know we've got a screencast to rock your world: It's like a sexy, high tech collaborative railroad. Switching tracks and avoiding collisions with the greates... Read More

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