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Whose got the company credit card?! I need some Verify Results! Like 25,000 of them....

Whenever we hear numerous requests for a feature, we try our best to institute the functionality. Whether its Notable, Solidify, Verify, or Influence, if enough of you want it, we listen. Which brings me to our new feature in Verify. The ability to pre-purchase test results. Often times, with our larger enterprise users, there are a number of users on the account. When anybody wants to buy results (up to 100), they need to pull out the company CC and enter their info. Normally, with sm... Read More

The Enroll Redesign is Here

We'll be honest, we let the design for our Enroll site get a little outdated. We even had people curious about Enroll not sign up because they thought it wasn't an official ZURB page. They thought it was a scam. Based on feedback from our potential testers and current Enroll testers alike, we decided to redesign the page with an increased emphasis on what being an Enroll tester means. Enroll testers are recruited to help make the web a better place. To be an Enroll tester you don't ... Read More

Congratulations to our First Tester to Take 100 Tests!

The love of our community of Enroll testers has been growing like wildfire. Many of our Verify customers go straight to asking our community for feedback before posting their tests to social media or even their own email lists of customers. With so many test being taken it was only a matter of time before we gave away out first badge for taking 100 tests! That honor went to Emmanuel Lemor, who has currently taken 105 tests and has unlocked 15 achievements in the app. As a thank you to ... Read More

Help Improve Websites by Taking Short Concept Tests

Ever had a difficult time using a website? Can't seem to figure out how to sign up for the company's news letter or think the visual design doesn't do it justice? Yeah, we have too. Sometimes we wish we could just communicate directly with our favorite companies' web development teams to share some insight. Well, you're in luck. ZURB needs you. Each day lots of designs, marketers, and product creators need help making decisions. What seems like a good idea in the conference room may no... Read More

Taking "Suck" out of Websites Worldwide

According to Netcraft, there are 525,998,344 websites in the world as of November 2011. During October 2011 alone, 22,000,000 new websites went online. That's wild! The web is growing at an exponential rate. Lets stop and ponder a question: how many of the 22,000,000 new websites launched last month suck? How many aggravate and frustrate their visitors? Judging from our experience, the majority of them. Vincent Flaunders of "Websites That Suck" does a great job of cataloging sucky website... Read More

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