New Ways to Get Insights, See Progress and Start Conversations

Free flowing communication is essential to great design. The problems our design work has to solve need to be communicated to us. Feedback and ideas need to be shared within our teams. The benefits and merit of our work need to be expressed to clients, stakeholders and customers. Simply put, anything that improves communication has the potential to improve our design.

So how do you foster communication when your team works remotely from different cities and your clients are in a different hemisphere? How do you maintain the energy and momentum of the face to face experience when your communication is asynchronous? Notable has always been a platform built for design collaboration and the sharing of feedback and ideas, but we’ve introduced some new features that collaboration to a whole new level.

Meet Communications


Communications is a collection of features designed to help you have and influence design conversations.

Some new features:

  • Alerts - Be notified of new activity and communication in the app and in email.
  • Notifications - Keep track of project updates and past communication across all modules.
  • @mentions - Target specific users in notes and comments in the app modules.
  • People Tab - Manage your team, see their latest contributions to projects, and access user profiles.
  • User Profiles - View the personal profiles of your team to track their activity by project, see their latest updates and ping them to start a conversation.

These new updates help designers build momentum within their teams and convey the value of their work to grow their influence. If you’re part of our private release, you can enjoy using these new features today. Not signed up yet? Request access today and see how better communication between your team, stakeholders, customers and audience can help you lead by design.

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