Give and Get Feedback Easier Than Ever with Notebooks

One of the most popular features in Notable has been annotations, the ability to easily leave feedback directly on screenshots, mockups and sketches. It’s what Notable started out as, and it’s a feature that has helped us and hundreds of thousands of other designers around the world keep their projects moving forward.

But iteration is in our blood here at ZURB, and we’re always looking for ways to make our products better and easier to use. Keeping all the parts that make annotations so great, we’ve created a new interface, sped up the workflow and streamlined the experience. We also came up with a new name and metaphor that captures exactly how it fits into the design process.

Introducing Notebooks

Notebooks Interface

Like the physical notebooks we carry around with us to collect ideas and share them with others, Notebooks are filled with Pages. Those Pages can be screenshots, mockups or sketches, just like before. You can get your work into Notebooks in one of four ways: Drag and drop directly from your computer, capture from a URL, select pages from your dashboard, or use our updated browser extension.

Once your Page is created, seamless navigation now allows you to start giving and getting feedback immediately. Annotations now show up in a list, just click on the number of the comment and it will jump exactly to where that annotation is on the page.

If you’ve uploaded multiple images, you’ll be brought to the overview page so you can choose the page you’d like to comment on. We’ve also made it easy to tab through multiple pages to quickly change names or add descriptions.

One thing we realized was that it could get a little confusing to know exactly where you are and who’s been added to a project. Notebooks displays the project you’re working in directly in the toolbar so you’ll never get lost again. You’ll also know exactly who your collaborators are because their pictures are displayed in the sidebar above the comments.

Lastly, moving your Pages around is easier than ever, with clear controls in the toolbar. Move Pages to different Notebooks or different projects with the click of a button.

Check out this brief tour of Notebooks:

Notebooks is available now for users of the private release. Sign up today to give it a try!

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