Annotate Your Responsive Code

Every feature in Notable has been created to help simplify the design collaboration process and help people design better. As a product design company, many of Notable’s coolest features have their origins in frustrations we’ve run into as designers and the solutions we came up with to solve those problems.

One problem that we found ourselves running into again and again is having to leave our code and take screenshots or create mockups when we needed to get feedback. And when we did get the feedback, it was difficult to organize and keep track of, with bits and pieces getting lost in the transition from mockup back to real code. We thought there should be a way to stay in the code, upload and host a project, and get feedback on a live site quickly and easily.

We’re incredibly excited to introduce a completely new app to the Notable design platform, Code. Using Code, you can easily collaborate on responsive design prototypes. Just zip and upload your project and you’ll be able to send stakeholders and teammates a secure URL that they can use to see your live hosted page in all its responsive glory! They’ll also be able to leave annotations directly on your page, at any breakpoint. You’ll get all of that contextual feedback without ever having to leave your code, moving your responsive design forward all while collaborating with your entire team.

Lastly, we’ve simplified the names of each of the apps in Notable to Notebooks, Tests, Prototypes, Stories, and Code to make them even easier to use.

Code is available now to users currently signed up in our private release.

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