Introducing the Social Test for Facebook

A few weeks ago, Facebook unveiled Reactions, a new way for their 1.4 billion members to interact with your content. Beyond a simple “like” or comment, user can now respond with one of six animated emojis. This new feature is a huge opportunity for savvy marketers, but also presents a huge risk. With the user opinions front and center, how do you ensure your content will get the response you’re aiming for?

Take a sample test and see how it works.

We’re proud to announce a new addition to Notable’s already powerful selection of testing tools. We call it “The Social Test for Facebook.” Using our worldwide pool of diverse testers through Enroll or your own users, Product and Marketing teams can test content and get an accurate reflection of how it will be received using the same style of 6 emoji reactions.

This unique and powerful social testing tool is available now to users currently signed up in our private release. Sign up today!