Influence: A New Way to Present Design Work

As designers, we need to rally people behind ideas and concepts. Presenting work regularly helps us influence organizations, get stakeholder buy-in and give projects the momentum they need to be successful. The problem is, design work doesn’t speak for itself. The thought process behind each decision, the research we’ve done and the data we’ve collected is often unknown. Designers need a way to present all the different parts of their work in a simple, clear way.

Meet the new Influence:

Influence is the most effective way to present design work to stakeholders. It now allows you to present work from any of the apps in the Notable platform, create a presentation on the fly and link to external content in an easy, WYSIWYG way. Move, delete and add content within your pages, or use a template and arrange your work and assets in any way that best fits the project.

For example, you can share:

  • Solidify clickable prototypes along with Hosted code
  • Journey maps with collected research
  • UI prototypes along with Verify tests
  • Visual design assets with user data
  • Rough sketches along with hifi wireframes

Influence is part of the Notable design platform that combines all of the methods, tools and processes we use on each project. We’re launching June 17th, but we’d love to get you early access! Sign up below and you’ll get access to the new Influence and the rest of the apps in the Notable platform!