Multitouch Gestures for Solidify are Finally Here!

In 2014, things can change on a dime. What you needed six months ago is likely pretty far off from what you need today. We here at ZURB know that customer needs change. You told us that you’d like to see multitouch gestures with your Solidify prototypes and, since then, we’ve been plugging away at getting that feature up and running.

Well, good news friends. It’s done and it’s live. Peep the new hotness in the GIFerific example below:

You can now upload your images into Solidify, link them up, and use them on your device, with brand spanking new multitouch capability! Want to test the functionality of a drop down on an iPhone? You can do it. How about from the Apple lock screen? Swipe right and you’re off and running. Pinch to zoom? Yeah. It's in there. So what are you doing still reading this? Get in there and set one up yourself. As always, if you need a helping hand, shoot an email over to We’ve got your back.