Whose got the company credit card?! I need some Verify Results! Like 25,000 of them....

Whenever we hear numerous requests for a feature, we try our best to institute the functionality. Whether its Notable, Solidify, Verify, or Influence, if enough of you want it, we listen.

Which brings me to our new feature in Verify. The ability to pre-purchase test results. Often times, with our larger enterprise users, there are a number of users on the account. When anybody wants to buy results (up to 100), they need to pull out the company CC and enter their info. Normally, with smaller scale users, this isn't an issue. But if there's four people in the office, it's easy to find out who has the company credit card.

Have 100 people using Verify? That's where things can get confusing. "Who has the company card? Rob? He's on vacation? Oh no! What do I do now?"

Somebody should have told Rob to watch this screencast before he jetted off to Tahiti. He could have made it rain Verify testers before leaving, so your fine tuned machine, stays fine tuned.

Biggity-Bam! Ala Carte EnrollApp.com love. Want 1,000 results up front? We got you. 5,000? Easy! 50,000? Gladly! Just shoot us an email (just like in the video!) and we'll get you hooked up faster than eHarmony.