The Enroll Redesign is Here

We'll be honest, we let the design for our Enroll site get a little outdated. We even had people curious about Enroll not sign up because they thought it wasn't an official ZURB page. They thought it was a scam.

Based on feedback from our potential testers and current Enroll testers alike, we decided to redesign the page with an increased emphasis on what being an Enroll tester means.

Enroll testers are recruited to help make the web a better place. To be an Enroll tester you don't need any special design training or knowledge, just the ability to form an opinion (we all have plenty of those!).

Being an Enroll testers comes with a couple perks.

  • You can be one of the first people to see what real companies are working on well before their releases of new designs or products.
  • If you are attached to your phone or tablet you can take tests anyway.
  • You can earn rewards such as badges or enough money to buy yourself a cup of coffee.
  • And you can make an impact, helping to change the web for the better!

Enroll's new site will give people more context to what Enroll is and what exactly they are signing up for. Specifically the new page improves on the old page by:

  • Adding context to what exactly an Enroll testers responsibilities are.
  • We are clearer about the benefits of signing up, such as earning badges and paypal payments.
  • We make it easier to see where these tests are coming from to check out what you would be committed to.

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Or if you have any questions or comments you can reach us at We love to chat!